IBM Data Governance Tools

IBM InfoSphere Information Governance tools are a collection of product modules and components that help you understand your data. The InfoSphere Governance Tools also are provided with IBM InfoSphere Information Server to provide an integrated end-to-end solution for cleansing, transforming, and delivering data.

InfoSphere Information Governance tools are designed for data analysts, business analysts, data architects, and governance stewards who require consolidated, consistent, and repeatable methods for the discovery and management of information. The Tools provide the following critical capabilities:

Creating a shared vocabulary.

  • Create a shared, enterprise-wide vocabulary to ensure that businessand IT leaders achieve a common understanding of key terminology to support project requirements.

Discover related data

  • Discover the hidden relationships that link disparate data elements into logical groupings of related data or “business objects.” After they have been identified, business objects can be used as a starting point for information-centric projects.

Assess, monitor, and manage data quality

  • Perform a thorough source analysis to uncover data quality problems, such as duplication, incompleteness, invalid rules and rule violations, and identify anomalies that violate defined business rules.

Design and optimize data models

  • Create or optimize the target data model for specific requirements of a project, such as a data mart or enterprise warehouse. Define and document security and privacy requirements as part of enterprise modeling standards.

Define source-to-target transformation rules

  • Create mapping specifications to transform data from various sources into a consumable format for the target application based on business requirements.

Govern, audit, and trace information

  • Gain insight into information lineage and use it to support auditing requirements; visualize and trace information flows and model the effect of additional changes on the information environment.


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InfoSphere Foundation Tools and InfoSphere Information Server both include the following product modules and components:

  • Information Governance Catalog
  • Metadata Repository
  • Information Analyzer
  • Fast Track

Information Governance Catalog 

IBM® Information Governance Catalog is an interactive, web-based tool that allows users to explore, understand and analyze information. Users can create, manage and share a common business language, document and enact policies and rules and track the usage and consumption of data within a lineage report providing trusted information for compliance and insights.

Understand the meaning of your data

Provides a common business language and vocabulary to enable a deeper understanding of all your data assets – structured, semi-structured and unstructured.

Establish a governance framework

Document governance policies and enact rule to help you define how information should be structured, stored, transformed and moved.

Explore data lineage

Enables you to understand how data flows across the information landscape, helping you track where data was sourced from or being consumed. Allows you to develop trust and confidence in such data.

Benefit from the cloud

Move to the cloud, which does not require an on-premises environment and reduces your administration costs.

Key features

·        Search, visually explore and better understand data

·        Deliver well-defined and governed data

·        Visualize data flow across the information landscape

·        Establish data ownership and documentation

·        Establish common classifications and language

·        Enhance governance process with standardization rules

·        Monitor and report metrics and adoption of Governance

·        Flexpoint licensing

MetaData Repository

The Metadata Repository (MDR) is the heart of the Information Server tools into which all store and share metadata. The captured metadata is linked across all tools to provide a view as to how data is processed through your organisation.

  • The MDR is key for linking all the different components and definitions
  • All components contribute to and share meta data via the repository
  • All lineage and data providence reporting is performed through the MetaDataWorkBench
  • Metadata from non-IBM products is captured in the MDR.


Information Analyzer

Information Analyzer is a profiling tool to analyse and monitor the quality of the data in your systems. Test data quality, relationships and business rules across your systems and report for review or remedial action. Use Information Analyzer to:

  • Monitor and report on your data quality
  • Build your own business rules to validate content
  • Schedule profiling activities by any frequency you require minutes to months
  • In conjunction with Change Data Capture and DataStage, profile data as it is added
  • Pass bad data reports to users for amendment or an automated data fix service.




FastTrack accelerates the translation of business requirements into data integration projects. It streamlines collaboration between business analysts, data modelers, and developers by capturing and defining business requirements in a common, familiar formatand then transforming that business logic directly into DataStage ETL jobs. Use FastTrack to:

  • Collaborate developments across user roles, products and geographies
  • Use the easy import/export features (familiar Microsoft Excel interface) and create new specifications
  • Automate the creation of ETL IBM InfoSphere DataStage jobs directly from business requirements
  • Create and link IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary terms.
  • Provide a centralized location for tracking and auditing specifications for data integration projects
  • Generate custom reports in multiple formats
  • Leverage active metadata to visualize mapping specifications for display in user interface
  • To provide common connector support for DB2 and Oracle.


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