IBM Db2 Warehouse

IBM Db2 Warehouse (formerly IBM dashDB Local) is a client-managed, private cloud data warehouse for Docker container supported infrastructures.

IBM Db2 Warehouse

IBM Db2 Warehouse is a software-defined data warehouse for private clouds and virtual private clouds that support Docker container technology. It is optimized for fast and flexible deployment on your choice of hardware, with automated scaling to meet agile analytic workloads. Fusing IBM Db2 and Netezza technologies, IBM Db2 Warehouse offers cloud elasticity combined with the simplicity of a software appliance. The real power of IBM Db2 Warehouse is the high performing, analytics engine that combines in-memory processing with in-database analytics across an MPP (massively parallel processing) architecture.

Save time and resources in meeting SLAs

Deploy a pre-configured data warehouse in minutes on Docker container supported infrastructure of choice, with elastic scaling and ease of updates/upgrades to continually meet service levels.

No data movement

Gain insight when applying in-database analytics where the data resides. IBM PureData for Analytics, Spark and Open Source R provide predictive modeling algorithms built directly into the database.

Lightning fast query processing

Use Spark and IBM BLU Acceleration in-memory SQL columnar processing with a MPP cluster architecture to speed up complex queries and predictive model building, testing, and deployment.

Auto schema generation and data loading

With just a few clicks, unstructured data sources are automatically transformed into a structured format for analysis – Twitter data, Open Data, geospatial data, and more.

Easily move workloads to meet SLAs

A common SQL analytics engine across public and private cloud, compatible with on-premises data warehouses, enables workloads to be moved to the right location with ease.


Benefits of Db2 Warehouse include:

  • Unique in-memory data processing
  • Embedded IBM Netezza Analytics
  • Embedded Apache Spark Engine
  • Integrated R development and deployment
  • Data migration made easier
  • Integrated Spark analytics
  • Delivered for SDE that support Docker container technology
  • FlexPoints Licensing

SmallNet can help you to:

  • Get the most out of your data.
  • Tailor it to your business needs.
  • Help you keep it accessible and safe.
  • Contact us for find out how our existing  customers are benefiting from Db2 Warehouse

We uniquely provide both the IBM Db2 Warehouse software and the training that accompanies it.