SmallNet Solutions

SmallNet provides bespoke solutions to help you solve a range of data integration and problems. Our solutions are designed with customers in mind to help meet your objectives effectively and efficiently.

Our solutions are summarised here under five main headings, listed below. If you would like to find out more about how SmallNet can help design and implement bespoke solutions for your organisation then please get in touch and we will respond promptly. 

  1. Solution Delivery Framework
  2. Data warehouse/business intelligence
  3. System integration
  4. Data migration
  5. Extract Transform Load (ETL) solutions


1) Solution Delivery Framework

The SmallNet Framework is based on 10 years of solution delivery in ETL based projects, including solutions such as Data Warehousing, Data Migrations and Data Integration. The advantages of the approach include:

  • Reduced development time.
  • Consistent delivery.
  • Improved non-functional delivery.
  • Enables the focus to be on the core solution.

The layers of the blueprint are described on the ETL Architecture page.

2) Data warehouse/business intelligence

SmallNet has designed and implemented many data warehouse and data mart solutions across a wide range of industry sectors (banking, manufacturing, financial services and logistics) using Kimball, Inmon, 3rd NF and hybrid methodologies.

We can help you to design and implement a personalised data warehouse solution that best meets your needs.

3) System integration

Over the years SmallNet has developed a number of system integration solutions for some of the top names in the business world. They incorporate the scheduling and control elements of the SmallNet Framework. This simplifies the practical management for the operations people, reducing time and providing consistency across all interfaces. It also provides a robust Error and Fix process.

4) Data migration

SmallNet’s approach to data migration comprises up-front analysis, design and pre-built functionality to control and audit the process. The SmallNet approach shortens development time and reduces the impact of the inevitable adjustments when moving data between systems.

5) ETL Solutions

SmallNet has produced its own ETL (Extract Transform Load) framework for the development and deployment of data warehousing and data integration projects. The pre-built components have been carefully designed to save you time and money.

SmallNet’s framework is based on 10 years of solution delivery in ETL based projects, such as Data Warehousing, Data Migrations and Data Integration. The whole approach is underpinned by an architectural blueprint. This means that:

  • The design and specification of the templates are tailored to ETL based development.
  • We have developed template plans for the delivery of common ETL implementations.
  • There are pre-built re-useable components and stubs that fit with the architectural blueprint.