SmallNet Data Quality Assessment

Improve your data quality: Reduce your costs

70% of Senior IT staff put data quality in their top 3 concerns, and with good reason. Poor data quality can be leaking profit from your business.

For example, reductions of up to 25% have been seen in direct marketing costs after assessing and improving customer data.

At SmallNet we know how to deal with data quality, and we are prepared to show you how.

We have extensive experience of dealing with data quality projects; SmallNet can provide a short data quality assessment for your business that will provide real insight into issues your business Profiling Outputmay be having.

All you will need to provide is a representative set of data, a bit of time with an SME and we will do the rest.


At SmallNet, we are so confident that you will see the value in a Data Quality Assessment, that we will waive our fee.


If you can get us the data, we will take that in a strictly secure environment, apply our know-how and show you some results.

We will provide you a simple route to navigate this process through your business, and deliver entirely on your own site if required.

At the end of the process, we will present back to you the results from your own data. At worst, we are going to reassure you that data quality issues are not pervasive in your business, at best we are going to highlight some issues within your business that you can begin to direct efforts towards.


How is that for real business value?


Not only will we provide you examples of real data issues within your data, but as part of our results presentation we will show you how to monetise the results and build a business case to drive the resolution of your issues.

So speak to SmallNet and let us show how you can get a tangible returnon data quality.

Contact SmallNet at  and let us answer your data quality questions.

It is so simple:

  • You provide SmallNet with a real data set (the data will stay on your site throughout)
  • We will run this through our process and review the results with your SME
  • SmallNet will then present back to you the results in a short session