Information Analyzer Training

The Information Analyser training features as Stage 3 of the Technical Track and Stage 1 of the Business Track within SmallNet’s training framework.


About Information Analyzer

Information Analyzer is a profiling tool to analyse and monitor the quality of the data in your systems. Test data quality, relationships and business rules across your systems and report for review or remedial action.



To move beyond ‘extract and load’ to cleansing, standardisation and merging using QualityStage. At this stage, the analysis of data content will become more important as more is done with the data. SmallNet therefore recommends using Information Analyser to profile source data to build and discover business rules and transformations.


Course: Information Analyser

This course introduces the concepts and methods used to perform information analysis. IBM WebSphere Information Analyzer, Business Glossary, and AuditStage will be used to perform data profiling, data assessment, and meta data enrichment tasks. Students will learn how to use IBM Information Analyzer and AuditStage to analyze data and report results to business users. This course will also explore techniques for delivering data analysis results to ETL developers and show how to develop more meaningful meta data to reflect data discovery results. An information analysis methodology and a case study will be used to guide hands-on labs.


Skills attained: data analyst. Participants will be able to:

  •  Analyze data structures to determine agreement with documented meta data.
  • Discover data anomalies.
  • Identify invalid and incomplete data.
  • Determine primary keys to table structures.
  • Reveal data duplication.
  • Add business meaning to data.
  • Produce deliverables that can be used by business users and ETL developers.
  • Configure Information Analyzer.
  • Administer the Information Analyzer environment.
  • Understand security considerations around data analysis.
  • Understand methodology supporting data analysis.