QualityStage Advanced Training

This course comprises Stage 4 of the SmallNet’s Technical Training Track.



To further develop QualityStage skills through a more detailed understanding of the QualityStage product. Learn how to build your own custom rule sets to cleanse and standardise matching data of any kind. The course is aimed at lead developers and architects. It should follow the Quality Stage Essentials course but does not require a period of practical experience.


Course:  Advanced QualityStage

QualityStage Advanced Concepts provides participants with the training and hands-on experience necessary to: Condition non-name/address data; view and interpret QualityStage reports and data files to optimize a QualityStage application`s performance; and use advanced matching features to approach a multitude of data re-engineering challenges. QualityStage Advanced Concepts builds on the Essentials course focusing on development best practices for the creation of custom rule sets, programming in pattern action language, testing the accuracy of and optimizing rule sets, and applying advanced matching concepts and best practices including two file and array matching.


Skills attained

Following the course, participants will be able to:

  • Programme in Pattern Action Language.
  • Test and optimize rule sets directly in the pattern action.
  • Implement advanced match concepts and processes including Two File Matching and Array Matching.