SmallNet InfoSphere Information Server Support

SmallNet has a coupleof support options to help keep your information server environment running reliably and efficiently. Support is charged on a monthly basis, depending on level chosen you receive a fixed number of support hours to be used for that month.

Depending on your support level we may require remote access to servers with administrative rightsfor the Information Server software and depending on other requirements login and passwords may also be needed at admin level for the OS upon which Information Server is installed.If you have specific requirements or one off events you would like supporting we are able to arrange a support offering tailored to your needs.

Support Levels Basic Advanced
First point contact for issues with Information Server
Logging and Management of all IBM PMRs
Free annual health check
Monthly Inclusive hours available for call offagainst support activities
Patch and Upgrade Advice
Discount on services
Information Server Administration
E.g. Creation of users, Setting up Connectivity, Housekeeping
Free Quarterly health check –including application
Inclusive patch apply service
System Monitoring