IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management (MDM) Software

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management allows you to easily centralise and manage multiple data sources across a wide range of business requirements wherever you require reliable data.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Server is a physical master repository that provides a single version of an organization’s key data (e.g. customers, products, suppliers). This helps you make better decisions and achieve better outcomes for your business. IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server helps you add value by reducing costs, enhancing compliance and increasing revenue.

Practical benefits using MDM software include:

  • A single view of the customer so you can easily see a customer’s complete relationship with your organisation. This allows better service provision, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.
  • A single view of products, accounts and assets allows you to reduce risk, improve compliance, get products and services delivered to market quickly and improve your relationships with partners and suppliers.

Further benefits of MDM software include:

 Managing multiple data domains and relationships to improve customer service, understanding partner relationships, and reduced costs of system integration.

 Enabling product bundling and cross-selling capabilities (IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server is the system of record for product bundle rules).

 The creation of effective data governance processes for centralized control of data management.

 Unlocking the value of legacy systems and existing applications through the supply of accurate, timely, and complete master data operationalized via business services.

 Reducing time and effort involved in adding new channels with a single point of integration for customer, product, and account information.

SmallNet provides both the Master Data Management software and the training that accompanies it.