Analyse Data

At Smallnet consulting we have been designing, deploying and implementing Data Warehousing solutions for over 20 years delivering the trusted data required for accurate and reliable data analysis. Traditionally Data analysis was undertaken via tabular reports and then drillable cubes, but has now grown to include data visualisation and predictive analytics.

In the past, more time was spent collating and preparing data for analytics that was spent analysing, the modern tools and techniques now available help to turn that on its head, so data acquisition is the small part and analysis the major. At Smallnet we can help you design and implement a modern data analytics capability where the majority of your time is spent mining the value in your data.

As an example if you are a Financial controller it is more likely you will require Financial Planning, budgeting and using aggregated data sets on say a batch basis versus say a busy sales department that will require REAL time update reporting or analysis of the data in order to make timely decisions.

The advent of all the new social media data sources and wide range of IOT (internet of things) data is also exploding and the new breed of Data Scientists are looking to FIND and access data fast to analysis this closely and create ‘Algorithms’ the company can infuse into the business. This also needs to take into account ‘machine learning’ so that as data and trends occur the systems learn as they go. As an example they can spot buy trends, customer churn and propensity to buy.

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We also see clients who do not ‘own’ the data and as result can not download the data to read/analyse, but with Data Virtualisation techniques you can read this without moving the data (assuming access is granted) and this can be highly beneficial where multiple systems are in play and indeed multiple data sources.

At Smallnet Consulting we have experience of all these variations given our pedigree in Data Governance, Data Integration and Data Warehousing so if you are looking at a new Analyse project we can help advise and guide you.