SmallNet Health Check Offer

Make your Information Server Renewal work for you

Get a free Health Check

 What is in a software renewal?

Software renewals are there to protect your investment in your core enterprise applications, but can your organisation get better value from these costs?

At SmallNet we think they can, which is why we offer a free health-check* with every Information Server software renewal you place with SmallNet.

How can you do this?

We are IBM Information Management specialists, and we know how to get the best from your software. We know that a renewal isn’t just a fee, but it is continued investment by your business in an enterprise application.

To ensure you are getting the most from your investment, we have the capability to be able to deliver a free health check on your Information Server environment.

Ask your current provider if they can do the same.

Do you need a health check?

Maybe not, but if you consider it an MOT on your environment you get closer to what we can offer.

Software and environments can get compromised over time.  Rarely is this intended, but the pressures and timescales associated with a strategic application can lead to slipped standards and potential problems down the line.

By performing a healthcheck, we hope to highlight issues before they arise and avoid a failure that might be costly to your business.

Who are SmallNet?

You may not have heard of us but you have probably been trained by or used a SmallNet consultant in the past.

For more than 12 years SmallNet has been the leading consultancy in IBM Information Server, uniquely providing 

  • Training
  • Software
  • Services
  • Support

 We are a tier 1 supplier of consultants and skills to IBM and deliver all training on behalf of IBM.

 What do I need to do?

Simply contact SmallNet and we will discuss with you your environment and how we would typically deliver this.

If you have specific areas that you feel need addressing, we can talk about how we do this.

So speak to SmallNet and let us show how you can get a tangible return on your software renewal.

Contact SmallNet and let us talk to you about IBM InfoSphere.